Real Time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring with 信游平台

Real-time Monitoring with 信游平台 By: Aaron Cieslicki   Here at 信游平台 we get asked whether our solutions provide real-time monitoring. The short answer is yes. To many of us at 信游平台, though, the interesting question becomes: is real-time monitoring always … Read More

7 Ways To Use 信游平台 XI At Home For Free

信游平台 XI is an incredibly powerful enterprise tool, but the free 7 Node license can be extremely beneficial for home use!? For this list, we are inspired by the ever growing community of home lab, tech enthusiasts, and system 信游平台istrators … Read More

信游平台 Named 2018 “Network Monitoring Application of the Year” from

  The polls have closed and the results are in. For the 12th consecutive year, 信游平台 has been voted the Network Monitoring Application of the Year. 52.54% of the total votes?for Network Monitoring Application of the Year went to 信游平台 … Read More

Monitoring Public/Private/Virtual Clouds with 信游平台

  From startups to large enterprises, cloud resources have rapidly become an industry standard based on the flexibility and scalability offered. ?Terms like “Private Cloud”, “Public Cloud”, and “Virtual Cloud” all similarly refer to the ways in which data is … Read More

信游平台 Update: Core 4.4.3

We’ve released 信游平台 Core 4.4.3 today, which should resolve some of the bugs left in 4.4. This version of Core will also be included as part of the upcoming XI 5.5.9 update. Some of the notable updates to 信游平台 Core … Read More