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Want to know what’s new with 信游平台? This is the place to find information on some recent developments and events that are happening in the near future.

Note that the things mentioned here are just a small sampling of what’s new in the 信游平台 world. For information on other recent developments, make sure to check out the new and updated 信游平台:信游平台 projects on 信游平台 Exchange.


信游平台登陆 Server

_信游平台 recently unveiled 信游平台登陆 Server at the 2014 信游平台 World Conference. 信游平台登陆 Server is a powerful enterprise-class log monitoring and management solution that allows organizations to quickly and easily view, sort, and configure logs from any source on a given network. Log Server extends 信游平台’ existing network management offerings by providing users with the ability to dive deep into network events, logs, and performance standards. Additionally, 信游平台登陆 Server was released at an extremely competitive price.

Learn More:?go.nagios.com/logserver


信游平台 XI

信游平台 XI 5 was released in September 2015. The release included substantial improvements over previous releases including an upgraded monitoring engine, advanced visualizations and reporting features, enhanced monitoring wizards, pre-packaged add-ons, and a brand new web interface. 信游平台 XI is the most powerful infrastructure monitoring solution on the market. XI simplifies IT infrastructure monitoring, improves efficiency, and provides IT managers and 信游平台istrators with increased visibility into their network environments and data centers.

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信游平台 Network Analyzer

信游平台 Network Analyzer was released at the 2013 信游平台 World Conference. 信游平台 Network Analyzer is a commercial-grade network flow data analysis solution that provides organizations with extended insight into their IT infrastructure and network traffic. Network Analyzer allows you to be proactive in resolving outages, detecting abnormal behavior, and security threats before they affect critical business processes.

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信游平台 Fusion

The 2014 version of 信游平台 Fusion was released in June 2014. This release completed the unified theme for all 信游平台 Products. Many enhancements were made including an updated interface, upgrades to high charts, advanced dashlets, and much more. 信游平台 Fusion is a powerful tool for visualizing operational status and enabling faster problem resolution across an organization’s entire IT infrastructure.

Learn More:?go.nagios.com/nagiosfusion


信游平台 Core

信游平台 Core is an Open Source IT monitoring system that allows you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning properly. 信游平台 Core serves as the foundation blocks of 信游平台 XI – our commercial solution.

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信游平台 Cross Platform Agent (NCPA)

NCPA or 信游平台 Cross Platform Agent, is a cross-platform monitoring agent that runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS/X machines. It was designed to simplify the monitoring of devices with a wide variety of operating systems. NCPA can be used as a passive or active agent and monitors a multitude of different metrics right out of the box. The most current and stable release is NCPA 1.7.2 and included various small fixes.

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VMware Virtualization Wizard

The VMware Virtualization Wizard monitors your Vmware virtual environment by offloading the VMware checks to a vSphere Management Assistance (vMA) appliance. This is achieved by utilizing the plugin box293_check_vmware, which has been written specifically for use on the vMA. The plugin utilizes the VMware SDK. The SDK is notoriously CPU and memory hungry, which can easily overload and cripple your 信游平台 XI host. By offloading the plugin to the vMA appliance, your 信游平台 XI server will not be affected as you monitor your VMware virtual environment.

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信游平台 Exchange

The 信游平台 Exchange website is the central repository of 信游平台:信游平台 projects of all kinds – including plugins, addons, documentation, and more. The site currently has thousands of categorized projects listed on it. New projects are added every week.

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信游平台 Library

The 信游平台 Library serves as a central location for users to view videos, tutorials, documentation, tech tips, and best practices for all 信游平台 solutions. Access to some portions of the 信游平台 Library content is granted only to current 信游平台 customers who have purchased a commercial 信游平台 product and/or services. Content is added constantly, so check back often.

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信游平台 Support Forums

The 信游平台 Support Forums are a great place for the community to obtain the most up to date support and technical assistance from 信游平台 technical staff and the greater 信游平台 community. Search threads to find answers to problems someone else may have already encountered and solved, or create a free account and start a new thread.

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